Exception of Royal Powers in the Church from Infringement

Spain. Sovereign (1556-1598: Philip II)

A contemporary official text, in Spanish, of the famous royal cedula by which the reluctant King Philip II at last promulgated the Catholic Church's reply to the Protestant revolt from the church. This ratifies for the Spanish dominions, the profound reforms of the great Council meeting at Trent from 1545 to 1552 and finally in 1562-1563. Apparently unpublished save in the now rare Spanish translation of the Tridentine proceedings of Lopez de Ayala (El Sacrosanto y ecumenico Conilio de Trento...: Madrid, Imprenta Real, 1785), and absent from the mostly less important Tridentine documents in the Col. de Documentos Ineditos (IX) this manuscript is contemporary with the credula, and was entirely written by a high Chancery official. Though Philip reluctantly accepted as much of the reforms as he could, this is the document that specifically excepts all royal powers in the Church from infringement.

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