Excusatio eckij : ad ea que falso sibi Philippus Melanchton gra[m]maticus Vuittenbergen[sis] super theologica disputatione lipsica adscripsit.

Eck, Johann, 1486-1543

Summary: The participants in the Leipzig Disputation promised not to print their positions before the faculties of Paris and Louvain had issued their verdicts in the case. Both sides broke their promise. Melanchthon apparently got into print first, for this is Eck's reply to Melanchthon. This is the second printing of the work.
Signatures: A4; [A] unsigned, A4b blank.
Illustrative and Decorative Content: Woodcut on title page (mountain man with coat-of-arms); full page woodcut on verso of title page (St. Jerome kneeling before crucifix).
Additional Details: There is a bookplate on the upper pastedown reading, "Bernd Pattloch; ex Libris" beneath a robed man holding a scroll gesturing towards a child on a beach.

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