Von der christförmigen, rechtgegründten Leer Doctoris Martini Luthers :Ein überusz schön kunstlich Lyed, sampt seiner neben Vsslegung. Jn Brůder Veiten thon

Stifel, Michael, approximately 1487-1567

Summary: Like Luther, Michael Stifel was an Augustinian monk before joining the Reformation movement. He was one of the earliest writers to suggest that the beast of Revelation 13 represents Pope Leo X. In this tract he provides an interpretation of a hymn (Ioannes thut uns schreiben), which refers to an angel in Rev. 14:6 proclaiming an eternal gospel. Stifel connects this proclamation to Luther and his reformation of the church.
Signatures: a-h⁴ (h4 blank).
Imprint: from VD 16.
Illustrative and Decorative Content: Titlepage woodcut depicting a stylized portrait of an Augustinian monk (Stifel? Luther?) with a book (Bible?) in hand. The same woodcut is found on last p. within historiated border containing imperial crest of double-headed eagle. T.p. verso has full page woodcut portrait of Luther as a young Augustinian monk; the Holy Spirit appears overhead in the form of a dove.
Additional Details: Author's name transposed from head of title.

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